Midea Case study

Market study

Project details

Understanding the market

Midea worked with us as they need to win 2023’s summer season.
After studying the market, we were able to understand that the problem with Taqeef was that they were spending their marketing budgets without studying the audience, and their advertising message on social media was completely separate from their advertising message in television advertisements, in previous seasons.
From audience analysis, we also discovered that the Iraqi public prefers to buy air conditioners from the exhibition rather than through websites.


We began working with them to design advertising campaigns on YouTube, Google, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook, and for these campaigns to showcase the features of Midea products in a manner consistent with television campaigns.

We also ran a campaign with the aim of visiting the exhibition in order to increase sales of Midea products at the exhibitions.


The result of these marketing efforts resulted in more than 2 million conversions from Google at a cost of less than 20 cents.

Creative Elements